Siirry sisältöön

Helena Puolakka, Chef Patron, Savoy

One of the most distinguished Finnish chefs, Helena has worked as head chef at Pierre Koffmann’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant La Tante Claire in London, and with Pierre Gagnaire at his three-Michelin-starred restaurant at Hotel Balzac in Paris.

Eero Vottonen, Chef, Palace

One of the most award-winning Finnish chefs: Chef of the Year (2012), Global Chef Challenge winner (2016), Nordic Chef Challenge winner (2017), 6th at Bocuse d’Or (2017), Chef of the Chefs (2017).

Saku Tuominen, Creative Director

Entrepreneur, innovator and author known of his contribution to several creative fields. Saku was a partner at two-Michelin-starred restaurant Chez Dominique in Helsinki, and has been a board member in hospitality group Royal Ravintolat and Nordic Hospitality Partners.

Jyrki Sukula, Quality Controller

Chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, winemaker, culinary consultant, author and tv star known and loved all around Finland. Jyrki began his culinary career at Hanko Casino in 1981.